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The mystery and wonder of the natural world and the curious order and beauty of insects are the focus of Nottingham-based ceramic artist Anna Collette Hunt. 


Anna has a strong connection to nature and its preservation, and this has taken root in her creative practice. She is fascinated by the mysteries presented within cosmology and Entomology. She translates her awe and wonder into ceramic pieces; each individually hand crafted and unique. Entomology and natural history collections are the starting inspiration for Anna’s work. She is drawn to the curation and order within these timeless collections: each piece frozen in a vacuum of time. Anna’s work seeks to tell stories and to bring specimens to life. She sketches and models the insects, abstracting and reimagining them into a more mythical and magical form. 


Her ever-evolving swarms of otherworldly ceramic insects, framed collections and standalone pieces feature majestic antlers, kaleidoscopic arrangements of wings and unfurling limbs and antennae. These insects shimmer alluringly with precious metal and lustrous layered glazes. In swirling clouds and shimmering with their beguiling glazes, Anna’s work reflects the colours of the cosmos and whispers of the subtle movements and patterns of constellation arrangements and celestial events.


Anna Collette Hunt’s first immersive exhibition in 2011 saw her unleash 10,000 ceramic insects upon Nottingham Castle. She has since exhibited her ceramic swarms and insects worldwide. Anna has also collaborated with creative companies, designing exclusive collections for both ANTHROPOLOGIE and Liberty, London. 


Anna advocates and champions excellence in craft. She has worked as a mentor for the Crafts Council and works as a lecturer of contemporary fine craft at Nottingham Trent University.

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