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Secret Scroll Scarab

Secret Scroll Scarab


Size cm: 9l, 6w x 3d

Weight: 0.13 kgs

Lustre Detail: gold

Wall Hanging Hook: yes

Secret Chamber: yes


Scarab beetles were sacred to the ancient Egyptians, who carved scarab shaped amulets to bury with their dead in their elaborate death rituals. The scarab amulet was placed where a mummy's heart would have rested and was why scarabs were sometimes referred to as 'heart beetles'. The intricate amulets were inscribed with fragments of text from the book of the dead to guide their host's soul to the afterlife. I was greatly inspired by this act, which led me to create this ceramic 'heart beetle'. The piece has a secret chamber on the body with a scroll for you to write a message for your beloved. The note is a very small piece of paper and the message should only be a few words.

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