Anna Collette Hunt graduated in 2009 with a First Class honours degree in Decorative Arts. She went on to set up a ceramic studio in 2010 after receiving a grant from the Craft Pottery Charitable Trust. She continues to create many exciting studio collections, with ever evolving themes and concepts that have captured international acclaim.


A shift in her practice occurred upon winning the Nottingham Castle Annual open exhibition in 2010. The prize entitled her to a solo exhibition at the venue a year later. For this, Anna unleashed her striking installation, Stirring the Swarm, upon the castle. The immersive exhibit comprised of over 10,000 handmade ceramic insects, arranged in a dynamic flight path inside the castle. The Swarm has grown over the years, and has been widely exhibited both nationally and internationally. It has captured the imagination of thousands of followers, along with companies such as Liberty and Anthropologie, both of whom have requested exclusive collections and ongoing collaborations with Anna. 


Anna with Swarm